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Activity Checks

Investigative Services, Inc. (ISI) has been in the business of Insurance Fraud Investigations since 1989. Experienced private detectives are in place to perform work throughout the New England states with an emphasis providing investigation services in the greater Rhode Island area. The devoted staff at ISI has developed a network of trusted investigators across the country to locate and survey subjects who may change geographic locations. Let our experienced surveillance investigators and research specialists help mitigate your exposure. Investigators here are available to help with all aspects of your case from initial document review through briefing legal counsel to providing professional testimony at trial. We Can Provide Local Knowledge Locally, Regionally, Nationally, and Globally.

Through our own International Search Institute our detectives are online with the latest in electronic databases. These powerful proprietary databases allow investigators and research specialists to obtain background information prior to conducting surveillance, interviews, or document retrieval. This background work provides your professional private investigator with the necessary tools to perform a highly efficient and cost effective investigation. ISI will quickly locate the court records, corporate documents, licensure data, motor vehicle information, real estate transaction documents or other important instruments needed for your case.

Initial and subsequent Activity Checks are a highly valuable tool for insurance adjusters, attorneys, human resource professionals, and small businesses. Guessing that your workers’ compensation claimant, lawsuit plaintiff or other injured party is being 100% honest in their admissions can be a very costly mistake. Fiscally responsible use of experienced private investigators with an Activity Check provides a snapshot of an individual’s activities. Should information contrary to that in your file arise further avenues for investigation can be evaluated.

ISI was founded upon professionalism, honesty, and a commitment to excellence. These values are instilled in the minds of our private investigators through our on-going education and training programs. Only those select few who meet our strict standards of excellence are retained as investigators. The confidential investigative work product is only as good as the testimony behind it! Every report is thoroughly reviewed to insure adherence to our strict standards of investigative work and documentation thereof.

The team at ISI would like the opportunity to offer your company quality investigations at a fair price. Should you have any questions or concerns whatsoever, don't hesitate to contact our office. Our team looks forward to the opportunity to be of service in the near future.